Age check made easy and anonymous is your reliable partner for safe, secure, and private age verification. We ensure full compliance with age restrictions standards wherever you operate, while putting privacy first.

Our solution provides optimal flexibility for content or service providers and their users by offering various age or majority verification options, all while guaranteeing utmost respect for their privacy.

Teenager on a laptop

We provide the optimal combination


Our first priority is of course the efficient protection of children against exposure to inappropriate content. We curate partners that provide a high level of protection. 

Every selected partner is compliant with European regulations, including GDPR.


Our solution provides optimal flexibility for websites and their users by offering various age verification methods optimized locally.

We provide options to remember past age verifications, reducing repetitions. This simplifies the user experience and cuts costs for our clients.

Absolute privacy

As a trusted third party, our platform is a fortress of privacy, strictly adhering to French CNIL’s guidelines. 

Websites confirm age without knowing the user’s identity. Verification providers don’t know the visited site, and our platform doesn’t know the user’s identity.

How does it work? is a company specialized in digital identity that provides tools for total or partial user identity verification for websites and applications. Based on double anonymity, its technology ensures a simple, smooth, and secure control of digital identity, thereby contributing to an internet that is both free and safe. is already involved in age verification for access to social networks and sites restricted to minors.